Airbrush Tanning Services For Roselle

Many men and women in Roselle want to achieve a sun kissed glow without sacrificing the health of their skin. It is proven that sun damage is a major cause for skin cancer. There are definitely safer ways to achieve a beautiful bronze hue on your skin. At Blown Away Salon LLC, we offer alternatives to tanning beds and direct sun exposure for tanning.

There are two different methods to non-UVA tanning: airbrush and spray tanning. The following article will explain both types of tanning techniques as well as outline some of the unique qualities of each to help you decide which method best suits you.

What is Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is done one on one with one of our salon professionals. You are asked to stand while one of our technicians uses an airbrush gun filled with tanning solution. They will carefully airbrush your skin to ensure an even application. This process takes around half an hour. The benefits of this process are a guaranteed even application. It is great for a client who has a photoshoot or important event coming up which will showcase their tan. For example, our Roselle clients who work as performers and models favor this type of application.

Spray Tanning

At our salon, the spray tans are done in booths. The client stands in a private booth while the formula is being misted onto them by a machine. This process is highly effective and costs slightly less than the aforementioned airbrush tanning technique. The results are very successful, however, if you would like a second pair of eyes to ensure that the application is even, the airbrushing technique may be the better option for you.

How to Make Your Tan Last

To ensure that you achieve the highest quality spray tan possible with the most longevity, follow these simple tips:


Exfoliating preps the skin to absorb the tanning formula by getting rid of any excess dead skin that may prevent you from achieving an even tan.

Come to the salon with clean skin.

Before you spray or airbrush tan appointment, our experts always recommend to our Roselle clients to avoid applying any creams, lotions or moisturizes. This even includes deodorant! The reason being is that creams and lotions may act as a barrier between the spray tan formula and your skin, preventing an even application.

Dress comfortably.

To avoid any discomfort or smudging, we always recommend that our clients wear loose fitting clothing to their spray tan appointments.

Don’t shower.

If possible, wait 24 hours to shower to ensure that the tanning formula has had enough time to properly penetrate the pores on your skin.

Contact us

If you live in or around Roselle and are interested in learning more about the benefits of or differences between airbrush tanning and spray tanning, feel free to contact us. We would love to talk about our preferred method. We understand that our clients want to be thoroughly informed before starting a new process.